Shibe Park Baseball Stadium Postcard Founder's Week Series 1909 Philadelphia

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Shibe Park Baseball Stadium Postcard Founder's Week Series 1909 Philadelphia

Post  qiheitiann on Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:00 pm

Offered on eBay is one of the rarest of all the Shibe Park Baseball Stadium postcards, from the Founder's Week Series, celebrating the 225th Anniversary of the founding of the City of Philadelphia. Copyright 1909 by H.M. Rose Co.

The seller says, "Attractive postcard design cheap jerseysshows the embossed Founder's Week Seal upper left with a bright yellow and light blue border, and an embossed gold frame, surrounding the stadium. The embossed logo reads: Greetings from Philadelphia."

Founder's Week was actually a regional week longcheap soccer jerseys affair running from Oct. 4-10, 1908. There are a number of postcards showing different buildings and views in Philadelphia, commemorating the event bearing that Oct. 4-10 1908 festival date. How to buy custom made jerseys(See eBay # 300462690067 for an example of this series).

However, Shibe Park, one of the firstmlb jerseys cheap of the steel and concrete stadiums, was not completed until the following year, in April 1909. The view of the new stadium was added by the Rose Co. to the Founder's Week series that following year, after the festival wascheap nfl jerseyslong over (and with a copyright date of 1909 and lacking the 1908 Festival date). This very limited and later issue accounts for the rarity of the Shibe Park postcard."



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